Careers in Wealth Management and Financial Advice are for everyone.

We are a growing industry that is passionate about helping people build their personal financial futures through saving, investing and advice. We directly face our clients and  help safeguard their financial health and wellbeing – so that dealing with life’s big financial decisions in their lives are made easier. We want people to save and invest so they can buy their first home, build their own business, give their children the best chance in life, enjoy a comfortable retirement and leave a legacy for their families. 

"We are at an exciting moment for our industry; things are changing"

we're looking for new talent

If you’re excited by a career that:

  • Equips you to learn and become more qualified at all stages of your career
  • Gives you the opportunity to create, collaborate and embrace new challenges
  • Helps communities and families to make better futures for their children
  • Empowers others to create a more sustainable world

Then you’ve come to the right place. Whatever your background, if you’re good at building relationships and caring for others, we’ll give you everything you’ll need to make it in your career.

What we're looking for

We are looking towards the future of our industry and want to make sure that it has the best mix of talent from all possible backgrounds that can come in and reshape old traditions into something better. We want to help people in the very best way we can…and to do that we need people like YOU.

Check out our videos to learn more about our industry and hear stories from people who already work here.

"it's so important to have people from different communities representing the financial industry."​

learn it.
earn it.
make it.

build it.
share it.
make it.

dream it.
live it.
make it.

shake it.
shape it.
make it.