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What is it like working in Finance?

Make it. - From creativity to relationship building: a career that has so many possibilities

The profession offers careers in which every day and every client is different and interesting.

You will get to know your clients’ ambitions for their lives and their families and helping them achieve that over the years can be truly rewarding.

It can offer a great work/life balance and is a career that can be built to harness opportunities to help make a real and significant impact on people’s lives and in society.

"Its great Fun, it's great people, diverse talents"

– Fabio Peyer, Senior Marketing Manager

Where suitable we can help direct investments, and the impact of investments, to effect real positive change in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues, such as climate change, social enterprise, innovation, renewable energy, education outreach and so much more.

You will also have the opportunity throughout the different stages of your career to continue to learn and become more qualified with various pathways for you to become an experienced, respected expert in your field.

share knowledge, support others & value everyone’s differences

You will also have the opportunity throughout the different stages of your career to continue to learn

An organisation is likely to be looking for some critical behaviours that will indicate how you will develop and get on in their business, regardless of what subjects you have studied, and you don’t need a university degree to be part of the industry.  Some of these behaviours will include things like:


Being able to come up with new ways of working for clients and in your business; learning from experience; a digital mindset.

Critical Thinking

Being able to look at the big picture; use information, data and insights to solve problems and make decisions; having attention to detail and be able to make complicated concepts simple.

Being a trusted adviser

By keeping your experience up to date, having high ethical standards and being able to build trusted relationships through warmth, empathy and emotional intelligence, create a more sustainable world.

Being change ready

By being active participants in change and adaptable; comfortable with grey areas; having resilience and self-awareness; having curiosity and being open to learning.

Being able to connect

To collaborate across boundaries; be highly effective team players; share knowledge; support others; value everyone’s differences and be inclusive.