The future of the finance industry

make it.- Bring your difference and create a legacy that changes the world for the better

We invite you to join us and help break the stigmas, shape the industry and make our profession better and brighter

Careers in this profession can be rewarding in a way that only helping people can be – and we are calling out for fresh new voices like yours to help us transform the future.

It’s so important because finances are a huge part of all of our lives

We all know that making decisions about big things like pensions, savings or investments can be scary and stressful.

Our industry is here to help provide reassurance, expertise and services for people of all ages and backgrounds across society to manage that anxiety and aid decision making, so that people’s hard-earned money works harder for them through investment and gives greater returns to help them achieve their hopes and dreams.

We are trusted advisers that safeguard the financial health of our clients and we take it very seriously.  Our profession can become the lynchpin of people’s financial lives and our clients can come to depend on our expertise and advice. We know that our industry needs to change, we have an aging workforce that needs to be far more representative of people across all of society. We want to make sure it is open to everyone whether it’s as a client or as somebody working within it.

"Ultimately, in time, all investments are going to be sustainable and there will not be a choice between non-sustainable and sustainable."

– Daniel Lockyer, Senior Fund Manger

We want our profession to benefit from fresh new talent across all backgrounds

We want our profession to benefit from fresh new talent from every background who will bring a unique perspective, their own ideas and talents to help our industry innovate and thrive.

PIMFA, and all the firms it represents, know there is much more work still to be done to achieve this, but we are committed to creating an industry where a far more diverse mix of people feel involved, valued, respected and treated fairly – and we need your help to make that happen!

You are the future

You can also help us to make investment more impactful and create positive change on issues such as climate change, social enterprise, innovation, renewable energy, education outreach and so, so much more.

You have an opportunity to build a career that makes a real and significant impact on both people’s lives and in society and we can’t wait to see what people like you do next if you join us and help change the future….