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The Wealth Management & Financial Advice industry has a perception issue and is often seen as traditional, stuffy, boring, with an inherent slant to white middle class men, alongside reputational and trust issues with financial services in general. As I’m sure you have experienced, this has a significant impact on the ability of firms to attract and retain the best talent.

The make it campaign is here to overturn these perceptions and highlight that our industry can be a force for good, helping people through the difficult financial moments of their lives and helping them plan for the future – be that for retirement or whatever other goals they may have.

make it is a bold call to action for new talent from all kinds of backgrounds to come in and shape old traditions into something better, while ‘making it’ in their career.

There are many ways you can get involved.

learn it.
earn it.
make it.

build it.
share it.
make it.

dream it.
live it.
make it.

shake it.
shape it.
make it.