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EY Foundation is an independent charity supporting young people from low-income backgrounds get paid work experience, employability skills training and career guidance. 

EY Foundation believes that every young person in the UK can succeed in the workplace, and every employer in the UK, regardless of size or sector, has an important role to play in giving young people a better start to their working lives. Through their understanding of both sides of the labour market, EY Foundation brings young people and employers together to close the skills gap between UK business and hidden talent. They work closely with employers to deliver employability skills programmes, and ultimately to help young people access the meaningful jobs that they want to do.

PIMFA supports EY Foundation’s Sustainable Finance Futures Programme. The youth of today are the most engaged generation in sustainability and are recognised as those who are driving positive sustainable change. The Programme provides a group of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to engage with employability skills sessions with a sustainable finance focus, and a business experience week. Each student is also matched to a mentor, who they are able to meet monthly over the period of 10 months, for support and guidance as they take the first steps in their career.

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PIMFA has been a proud signatory of HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter since November 2017.

When we signed up to the Charter we had 40% female representation. As of September 2021 we had a level of 60% female representation in senior management due to reorganisation and as such are on track to meet our Charter target by our deadline.

The CEO is responsible and accountable for diversity and inclusion in the organisation and reports progress to the PIMFA Board on a regular basis with effect from June 2018 (June is the start of PIMFA’s financial year).

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PIMFA is delighted to be an Official Partner of LGBT Great’s Global Top 100 Executive Allies initiative for Pride. Allyship is important in creating a culture of empowerment and inclusion for all.

LGBT Great is a global membership organisation specialist in developing LGBT+ diversity and inclusion within the investment and savings industry.

The programme works by developing innovative insights, visibility and outreach initiatives and by also measuring progress with its LGBT+ benchmarking tool called the iiBT.

They are the first organisation to focus exclusively on the LGBT+ agenda specifically for the sector and they work collaboratively with a range of organisations including retail wholesale and institutional investors; wealth managers; pension trusts; hedge funds; private equity firms; investment technology providers and companies who service the buyside.

Their vision for the industry they serve is one which understands, supports and promotes LGBT+ equality and inclusion in its broadest form to benefit employees, clients and investors.

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The Financial Services Skills Commission is an independent, non-partisan, member led body, representing the UK financial services sector on skills. 

FCCS work directly with the sector and advocate for innovative collaboration to ensure that businesses have the talent and skills they need for the future.  

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Chasing the Stigma is a national mental health charity on a mission to normalise and humanise conversations about mental health, whilst ensuring that everyone in the UK can access clear pathways to support, whenever and wherever they need it.

With lived experience at their core, they are driven to create a society where there is no longer a stigma associated with mental health, where people are as comfortable talking about their mental health as their physical health, and where everyone is able to find appropriate support before they reach a point of crisis, leading to a significant long-term reduction in self-harm and suicide.

Chasing the Stigma strive to achieve this through the provision of pioneering training services, awareness-raising campaigns and lobbying activities whilst also operating the UK’s largest and most comprehensive directory of community mental health services, the Hub of Hope.

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The Women Societies Alliance is an independent central hub uniting all the Women in Finance and Business Societies within European Universities and building a supportive community of female students and female professionals in the industry.

WSA is unique in their independence from any university association and extensive scale of accessibility. Through a diverse and robust range of initiatives equipping young women with resources and opportunities, WSA aims to champion gender equality within the finance corporate environment through building a community for all female students across Europe and female professionals at their partner firms.

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